A Day in the Life ~ December 2011

A wakes up wanting to nurse.

She’s back asleep and back in her pack and play. I decide to get up for the day. I’ll probably be more tired if I go back to sleep for 45 minutes and then try to get up. I’m afraid I’ll be ready for bed tonight at 8, but I’m glad for a few extra minutes to myself this morning. My husband left for work while the baby was nursing.

Make some toast and cheese. And coffee. Always coffee.

Read and write in front of a lit Christmas tree.

J’s awake and happy. The time and the temperament both make me quite happy. We snuggle on the couch and talk about a game he’s made up called “Shark Bullet”. He says it’s a ten-person game. Sounds complicated. He also knows of a store that sells rotating Christmas tree stands (I had said I thought having one would be very cool). The store is farther away than his auntie’s house (in Montana). And also, he says “you can’t know the name of the store until you go inside”. They’re closed when it’s snowing.

J and I are looking up bathrobe tutorials (as I try to decide if it’s overly ambitious of me to think I can make 2 in time for Christmas) when O wakes up, also happy. This is a seriously good start to my day.

Definitely too ambitious.

We all keep looking at patterns and tutorials and homemade stuff online till they get too grabby with the iPad. I send everyone away to work on morning charts.

A wakes up.

Everyone’s morning charts are complete (baths, get dressed, breakfast, etc), including hair done and makeup on for the one of us who needs it.

As the boys were working on the parts of their charts they can manage alone, I also managed to sort the laundry, put another load in, slice 2 loaves of bread, and clean the toilet. (Did I overlook this during the last bathroom cleaning or did it seriously get this bad, this fast??)

A is eating the boys’ leftover breakfasts and is starting to smell really bad.

A’s not done eating, but she needs to be changed bad enough that I steal her away from her food. I send the hovering boys away to play with their new window stickies from Grammy. (They are hovering because I was typing on the iPad. They can smell this thing in use a mile away!)

A’s diaper change warrants a bath for sure.

Mediate a fight about someone not sharing a belt.

Advent calendars. We read about Zechariah and then make some Zechariah ornaments with Xs for mouths.

O loses his fist ticket for standing on the dining room table.

A crawled around exploring for the first half, then wanted to be held. Making Zechariah ornaments one-handed is hard.

A’s definitely tired. Snuggles and bed.

I head back to the craft table. None of our Elmer’s type glue is working, so I soak all the lids. I hand each of then boys a paintbrush and a lid-less glue bottle with the slow and serious words, “Do. Not. Spill.”

One of the glue bottles spills on the table. I send the boys to the living room to clean this one up on my own. J loses his first ticket for refusing to go on his own.

O gets injured in a rough-play accident involving the glider and his brother. It’s the fourth time he has either cried or been on the verge of tears today. The first time was the belt-sharing incident, the second I can’t remember, the third was because he couldn’t make the cut he was attempting around Zechariah’s mouth.

J’s screen time.

O’s screen time

I started getting school stuff ready while they both did screen time. Why do I always feel like I have to dig out the desk? It grows mounds of new paperwork and crap overnight…

Friends show up! The boys put away their laundry in the first several minutes while friends are here. O cries for the 5th time today, because he had trouble fitting all the jammas in the drawer.

A’s awake.

Playing, mommies taking, eating, reading. Fabulous.

Friends leave. We’re going to have to work to catch up on school, but it was so worth it! A’s beat, so it’s a diaper change, snuggles, and back to bed.

The boys are playing so nicely in their room, I’m just not sure I can stomach calling them out for school… Perhaps I’ll pick up and do a bit more school planning before we start…

Stopwatch clean up time

A’s up. Wish that one was longer.

History class

Art class (reading, not creating)

Reread a story they loved from our last history lesson.

Husband comes home from work and heads straight to the shower. (He played garbage man today.)

Break from story to bandage a newly discovered, but quite unbearable, wound. (O attempted to hold out until the end of the story but could not make it.)

We move to the dining room table for the remainder of school, so I can strap A to something and put food in front of her. She has been desperately trying to sit on every book we try to read. Angry yelling when we stop her.

4:45 math/ money class

5:00 phonics

5:20 major phonics successes. New record.

Brief talk with hubby about the plan for the evening.

We let the boys skate on their last class today.

Date night. Tonight: Mommy and A.

Very short date. Miss A is asleep. 🙂

Now, to upgrade the iOS on my iPad. An app I REALLY want requires it. Thankfully, my husband seems to be willing to entirely manage the boys while I attempt this.

A is up. I was really hoping she was down for the night. She is less than helpful when I’m on the computer.

Also checking facebook and pintrest while I’m waiting for some of the upgrade stuff to process. I’m still on the line about Pintrest. Leaning towards no…

Done with update! Not nearly as bad as it could have been!

The husband and I talk about our days. I love having a husband who talks to me so much. I know they don’t all do that.

We downloaded the Mint.com app (the one I REALLY wanted) and looked it over. Spent a lot of time getting familiar with it, and also with iOS 5 on the iPad. Had to google how to do a few things that disappeared/changed.

Somewhere in there the husband put A and himself to sleep.

Start the oatmeal bake for my Christmas brunch tomorrow.

Oatmeal bake is soaking, jammas are on, teeth are brushed, and coffee maker is set up to have the start button pressed in the AM.

Off to bed. I’m pretty sure I’ll be asleep in 5 or 6 seconds.

But… A is in my spot. It’s cute to see daddy daughter snuggles, but waking the sleeping beast is always dangerous.

She indeed woke up, then cried on and off for well over an hour. She did this on Friday night, too. Teeth?? This too shall pass. This too shall pass. This too shall pass. An otherwise most excellent day.

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One Response to A Day in the Life ~ December 2011

  1. momco3 says:

    So lovely to find your blog!!!
    My thoughts: 1) I can’t wait to hang out with you in January. 2) I love the conversation with Jake about the store and Shark Bullet. Maybe we can all play it soon. 3) I wish I could come to your school. 4) You eat well at your house.

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