Abandoned Books of 2011

I can think of 3 books I abandoned in 2011:

ABANDONED BOOK #1 – “The Mystery of Marriage” by Mike Mason

You know, I just don’t know why I’m abandoning this one. I’ve really liked it so far. Even as I write this, I’m considering picking it up again. It just isn’t calling out to me the way *several* others on my nightstand are. Still… Listen to this insight:

“A marriage, or a marriage partner, may be compared to a great tree growing right up through the center of one’s living room. It is something that is just there, and it is huge, and everything has been built around it, and wherever one happens to be going- to the fridge, to bed, to the bathroom, or out the front door- the tree has to be taken into account. It cannot be gone through; it must respectfully be gone around. It is somehow bigger and stronger than oneself. True, it could be chopped down, but not without tearing the house apart.”

The author says in the preface that he wrote the bulk of the book before he was married. It’s so strange, but I think of that every time I read. I feel very annoyed by that, but I don’t know why. (Maybe I’m just annoyed he has more insight than what I’ve gathered over 5 and a half years?) Listen (well, read) again:

“[S]eparation may sometimes be a preferable hostility, and actually a more acceptable one to God, than the continuance of marriage in the face of chronic and unresolved bitterness. There are cases in which divorce may be by far the lesser of two evils, and couples who choose to remain in troubled marriages need to be very careful that their commitment really is to one another, in the deepest sense, and not simply to marriage itself, lest they fall into the snare of obeying the letter of the command against divorce, but not its spirit.”

Whoa. Now where can I sign up to have that sent to me once a year for the rest of my life??

I think I just talked myself into picking this book back up…

ABANDONED BOOK #2 – “How to Study the Bible for Yourself” by Tim LaHaye

This one was just WAY too formulaic for me. Which is saying something, really, because I am a math geek. I’m a big fan of formulas in general. However, I am totally sold out to the fact that my relationship with God is, in fact, a relationship. There are things that are true and false, of course, but two followers of Christ may have walks that vary greatly. I didn’t hear anything (keeping in mind I didn’t finish it) about following the direction of the Holy Spirit. He says early on that the primary need of every new Christian is the assurance of his salvation. I have not found that to be true. Some struggle with this much more than others, and some are attacked with doubt later on in their walk.

On page 46, I encountered the subheading, “A Guaranteed Formula for Learning Self-Discipline”. I’m pretty sure that’s when I gave up for good. I do realize that self-discipline and self control are not exactly the same thing, but I was just overwhelmed by the sense that self control can only be attained by the Holy Spirit dwelling within us. Giving people a blanket formula for something like that is just, well… he lost me.

ABANDONED BOOK #3 – “Prime Time Health” by Dr. William Sears

Ok, first of all, the “Prime Time” in this book refers to people much older than I. I downloaded this book soon after getting my iPad because I was playing with iBooks and other e-reader apps and it was 99 cents. I really do not get roped into purchases like this very often, I don’t know what happened. It was late. And I was drunk. Just kidding, I was not drunk. I’m just embarrassed to have been persuaded by a book ad when downloading iBook. ANYWAY, it was interesting for a while, and I do love Dr. Sears. I have several of his parenting books and appreciate them very much. However, health and nutrition is definitely an interest of mine, so I have read lots about it. I wasn’t encountering anything really revolutionary, and it seemed to me like he was trying to turn a pamphlet’s worth of information into an entire book.

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