A Day in the Life ~ August 2012

Do not ask me what took me so long to post this, because I do not have a good answer. (Shy of having 3 kids- does that count??) I also cannot image why I chose to do this in the middle of some new sleep training trial. Before you read, may I tell you my daughter sleeps far better now? Here goes.

5:30 Wake up to the squeaky floors of the people upstairs. Think about how awesome living in a single family home is going to be. Two and a half weeks! My husband is getting ready for work, so I get up and talk with him for a few minutes, then crawl back in bed, hoping the kids will still sleep for a while, even though I know it won’t be long.

6:00 A’s up and asking to nurse. I take her to my bed and nurse her, hoping she’ll fall asleep nursing, even though I know she won’t.

6:15 O comes into my room, talking about how he’s going to wait to have his milk until A is ready for her milk. A hears and asks for milk. I go get some for both of them, lay down next to them, and hope for a few more minutes of sleep, even though I know I won’t see any until late tonight. I should stop hoping for things I can’t have in the mornings.

O teaches A to say “cheers” and clink sippy cups. Now there’s more cheers-ing than drinking going on.

6:30 A says, “poopy”. No more pretending. We’re up.

6:40 J’s up.

6:50 Clean diaper. Everyone snuggles on the couch and starts to read library books.

7:00 Reading abruptly ends when 2 boys have to go potty *immediately*. I wonder if my entire day will happen in 10 minute increments. It often feels that way!

Start making some breakfast, and we all eat.

7:22 Morning charts and chores.

7:47 The kids have clothes on and teeth brushed, jammas in hamper, sippies in the sink, and they’ve eaten and stretched. That was quick today.

I have a laundry basket full of papers and crafts from the craft drawer I cleaned out yesterday. I dump it out on the living room floor, bring in their creation bins (they are allowed to fill them each year with crafts that are too precious to throw away. If the bin fills up before the end of the year, they must decide what is most precious) and the recycle bin. All papers must be put in a bin of some sort.

I use the time to switch a load of laundry and empty the dishes from the dishwasher that the boys can’t reach to put away.

8:02 Mediate a fight about a pencil and a rubber band and an injury.

8:06 Send boys to empty dishes. Start making cookie dough. The husband been asking for cookies for a few days, ever since he thought something else I was making was cookies for him and wasn’t handling the let-down well.

8:14 I realize I used up the rest of the eggs on breakfast this morn. Since half the ingredients are already mixed, I announce that we’re going to Aldi. I was hoping to do some meal planning before the shopping trip, but I’ll just pick up the basics and figure out some meals later.

8:23 Leave for Aldi.

8:57 Back. Aldi was closed. I really wish I could remember that things don’t open as early as we get up and quit doing that. I just picked up eggs at Jewel, and I’ll get the rest of my list later.

On to making cookies!

9:02 A’s tired and poopy. Change a diaper.

9:07 Take A to her room. Rock and snuggle and sing.

9:20 Emerge from A’s room.
9:21 Put A back in her room.
9:23 Put her back in.
9:24 Put her back in.
9:26 Put her back down, sing song about ducks, leave, and hold the door closed when she follows me out. She screams for a few seconds, then goes and lays down.
9:36 Put her back down and hold door.
9:41 Back down and hold door.
9:44 Back down and hold door.
9:52 Dishes crash. I fear she my have been down otherwise. Back down and hold door.
9:54 Back down and hold door.
9:57 Back down. She didn’t come to the door.
9:58 Back down and hold door.
10:02 Back down and hold door.
10:03 Start to eat my salad. I have filled in the cracks between putting A to bed with making said salad, finishing the cookie dough, toasting and buttering banana bread for the boys (on the dishes that previously crashed), sending O to my room to “rest” while A falls asleep because he cannot play or speak below 1 gazillion decibels. I might have said a more reasonable number of decibels if I had any idea what a decibel actually is. We should learn.

10:09 Back down and hold door. Go back to eating salad and filling in actual words on my ‘Day in the Life’ notes.

10:14 Back down and hold door.
10:17 Back down and hold door.

10:19 Release O from my room on “another chance”, banish them both to the living room, start to load dishes, and PRAY my daughter is sleeping.

10:33 Dishwasher and hand washing done. Nothing but quiet from the kids’ room. Dare I hope?

Switch a load of laundry and prep school stuff.

10:39 Math for O

11:22 A is awake. She’s very happy now. I try to reason with her to remember how much better she feels after sleeping, and how fighting it for an hour and half is quite unnecessary.

11:25 O is done with math. We never do math this long. Seriously. He wanted to keep going. I have no idea what got into him.

This is the part where I share how awesome my husband is at homeschooling. J wasn’t wanting to do his reading lessons anymore, so the husband came up with what he calls Fun-speriments. This would be a blend of the words ‘fun’ and ‘experiment’. So we write something he’ll think is cool, like, ‘an egg will break when you drop it’, and after he reads it he gets to do it. He loves it. Today I wrote, ‘red mixed with yellow makes orange’.

11:32 Reading complete! To the driveway with ketchup and mustard! We mix, we paint.

11:45 Read Bible with J

12:15 O’s writing lesson and making lunch. A dumps an entire nalgene of water on the kitchen floor.

12:18 Writing lesson, take 2

12:20 Sent O to his room to take a break. I suggested he jump on his bed the entire time.

12:28 Writing lesson, take 3. I make the call to skip O’s reading for today. School does *not* usually go this late and we’re all maxed out.

12:41 O is done writing, “if there is any excellence”.

Lunch for everyone

12:56 Set up screen time for J. Told O he could watch as soon as his clothes were put away. Reminded O of the passage of time several times as he sat next to his laundry staring at who-knows-what.

1:06 O’s screen time

Used screen times to load lunch dishes, start the dishwasher, supervise the first couple minutes of new games, and switch a load of laundry. Seeing as I started the day with a clean load on the couch, there’s a sizable pile growing.

1:16 We all pick up the living room and decide what we want to do outside.

1:22 No one is picking up but me. I move to folding laundry and tell the boys we’ll go play outside when the living room is cleaned up

2:11 Every clean article of clothing is folded and put away (except the boys clothes, which are on their dresser for them to put away later). Another load of laundry switched. No new load to put in, finally. Boys have made minimal progress on the sticker clean up. I’ve told them if they’re not done by 2:30, we’re not riding bikes to the pool. Now I have to decide how much I help/remind/nag/etc.

2:30 Living room is clean. I help/remind/nagged more than I should have. Get ready, and take off for the pool

5:15 Back! The husband showed up and played with us for a while, then took A home in the car and put her to sleep. The boys and I creep into the kitchen to find something to eat.

5:20 My dad shows up a little earlier than usual. My brother and my dad switch off taking the kids every Wed night so the husband and I can go out and either get some stuff done or have a date. Awesome, huh?

I ship my dad, my dad’s dog, and both boys outside so they don’t wake the baby. My dad says he’s got them so I can take a shower. I love Wednesdays. And my dad. 🙂

6:15 Shower done, dinner made. Sit outside and eat with dad and the husband while the boys and a neighbor boy play and eat and ride bikes. I love this.

7:00 Pack up the giant inbox and head out to pay bills, balance checkbook and budget, open mail, and otherwise get through the contents of the inbox.

10:00 Home and bed.

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  1. momco3 says:

    Love it. Hope the moving in is going well!

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