Tardy 2012 Book Thoughts –> “Parenting with Love and Logic” by Cline and Fay

This book contains some of the best and worst parenting advice I have ever read. (And this is not the first parenting book I have felt that way about. See post about “Children: The Challenge”.)

I think if the title of the book was replaced with the subtitle, “Teaching Children Responsibility”, I would probably have far fewer complaints. This book surely teaches responsibility, but it does not teach parenting. And the advice is good in areas where responsibility needs to be taught. But in areas of love and obedience and grace and relationship and *everything* except responsibility, it is sorely lacking.

Your child often forgets to bring his lunch to school and you have set the standard of bringing it to him every time he forgets? Not sure what to do about it? This is an issue of responsibility, and a Love and Logic response is in order! Your child punches another child in the face? This is not an issue of responsibility. Please, please, tell your children what God says about punching other people in the face, and why what God says matters. And how God feels about you even though you’re a face-puncher. And why what God thinks about you matters. In short, what to book is entirely missing is the gospel. I’m sad that it’s marketed as a Christian resource.

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