A Day in the Life ~ April 2013

6:38 All 3 kids up and in my room. I am aware of their presence and talking but not fully awake yet.

7:00 Someone makes a threat about chopping someone else’s ear off. I mumble something about that being an unacceptable way to talk as I drag myself out of bed. I made the mistake of having a decaf coffee from Starbucks last night. I think Starbucks decaf has about as much caffeine as other brands of regular, so I didn’t sleep well last night.

I brush my teeth, then shoo everyone out of my room. I tell the boys to start their math while I make breakfast. Before starting breakfast, I load the dishwasher. I start out annoyed that I didn’t do the dishes night before, but I’m over it quickly. I have a lot more energy first thing in the morn than last thing at night.

Sourdough starter has completely run over. Yeast makes things rise. Hm. Not sure how I didn’t see that one coming.

We’ve been in a good habit of the boys doing math, and sometimes writing, while I make breakfast, but it doesn’t work so well when they need help with something. J totally doesn’t get his math today, so I’m sitting with him trying to explain it. Breakfast changes from the intended french toast to a first course of bread and butter and a second course of apples and peanut butter. Teaching J math is so, so different than teaching O. O learns exactly the way I do. So J’s not struggling with math or anything… I think I just am. It takes me way too many times of trying to explain something before it occurs to me to try explaining it another way. I am intimidated by the task of teaching this person who learns so differently than me.

8:22 Breakfast. Though we did start eating while finishing lessons. We usually don’t.

O’s math is done and he ran out of time on his writing lesson. He only gets 10 minutes to work on it (plenty of time for the assignment he gets) and he has to finish during his free time later.

8:30 J’s full. I send him to get dressed.

8:34 A’s done, so I am too. Clean all the peanut butter off her, new diaper, and clothes.

J does his writing lesson and reading lesson while O does his chores: get the mail, fold the socks, empty the bathroom garbage, put away his clean laundry.

9:13 Everyone brushes teeth. O decides he wants to use baking soda. I have no idea where he got this idea, but I fetch the baking soda so I can watch his face.

9:23 O reads the first 2 pages of a chapter from The Long Winter aloud to all of us and I finish the chapter aloud.

9:50 O recites his memory verses, practices reading a clock, and does his flash cards, while J does his chores: sort and pass out everyone’s vitamins, scrub up any spots on the kitchen and dining room floor, empty the other bathroom garbage, and put away his clean laundry.

10:15 J’s does memory verses, clock, and flash cards, while O unloads half the dishwasher.

10:26 Done with school and chores. This is really early to have it all done. We have co-op this afternoon and I have to drop tax stuff off about a half an hour away, so I was a bit frantic trying to finish as early as possible. Did it sound frantic?

Clean up school stuff. O sharpens all pencils and J finishes emptying the dishwasher.

10:47 Done cleaning up. We were definitely behind on putting stuff away and pencil sharpening. Snuck in a bit of organizing while we cleaned up.

Send the kids off to free time.

O finishes his writing lesson first, by choice. (Took about 40 seconds, by the way.)

A’s tired. I read her a short book on the couch.

10:56 Rock A in the glider and sing. I usually do one song and then put her in her tent, but it’s not uncommon for her to fall asleep in my arms before the song is over. Today she did. It’s hard to put her down and not just stay there rocking my beautiful, sleeping baby while the boys play happily. I did, for just a little bit.

11:14 Check my email again to see if the tax guy has sent me the address yet. He hasn’t, so I just googled the name of the company and his name and found the address. Then I realize how bad of a planner I am. I finished school and chores in record time, but now I have a sleeping baby for the next few hours and can’t go anywhere.

11:22 Load the dishwasher. Do some of the hand washing.

Boys are hungry, so we make and eat popcorn. Luckily the WhirlyPop was among some of the hand washing I did. Back to the dirty side of the sink. I love my WhirlyPop.

Finally finish cleaning up the sourdough starter mess I’ve been working at on and off all morning.

Switch a load of laundry.

Grate a bar of soap for laundry.

Start hard boiled eggs.

12:11 Makeup and clothes and hair for me. Re-resolve, as I do approximately daily, to get up before the kids tomorrow so this does not have to wait until afternoon!

12:18 Boys have been playing in the basement since the popcorn. Mostly scooters, I think. Now they come barreling into the bathroom, before I’m finished getting ready, to tell me there’s a HUGE bug in the basement. I head down with them to investigate. It’s a centipede. I head back upstairs and get a glass jar. We capture it and everyone gets their nature notebooks. The bug is completely gross, but even I have to admit as I draw, kind of fascinating.

12:37 The boys take it out to the forest in our backyard and let it go.

Peel, eat, and offer the hard boiled eggs.

While I was peeling eggs, I looked behind me and O was scrubbing the mud footprints off the kitchen floor. The ones he had just made letting the centipede loose. Wow. Definitely a first. Tied for strongest emotion are gratitude and shock. Took a minute to tell him how much that blessed me.

As we eat the eggs, we look at pictures together that we took of the centipede. J has decided he loves it “so much” and misses it and wants to look at it.

12:44 Back to makeup while boys admire the drawings and eat more eggs.

12:50 A is still out, so we make a peanut butter sandwich lunch and just pack one for A, since we’ll probably need to leave for co-op right when she wakes up.

1:00 Bring tax stuff and purse and diaper bag and A’s lunch to the car. We need to leave in 15 minutes for co-op. I have texted fellow co-op-ers twice before to ask if they will pick the boys up because A was still sleeping, and both times A woke up moments before we needed to leave, so I’m not willing to do it again.

1:05 Call garbage company and cancel service as of the end of the month. I need to be reimbursed for two months because I was charged three months in advance. Whoever I spoke with says she is going to need to talk to someone else. This is going to take several calls.

1:12 Call about a medical bill that doesn’t seem to have been submitted to ins. This one’s not over either. Is all this complicated for everyone else, or am I just impressively bad at handling this kind of stuff?!

1:20 Call Chase and cancel auto rent payment.

1:30 Garbage co again. They called back while I was on with Chase.

Co-op is officially starting. I despise being late. I have not woken my daughter yet because I expect a lot from my children, and I don’t think it’s fair to expect their best when they are tired, so I have always highly prioritized their sleep. If they need it, they need it. However, not everyone agrees with me on this, so at times I get a hard time about being unwilling to wake my children for this-or-that. Ultimately, I decide to give in to imaginary peer pressure and wake her. It’s imaginary because probably no one at co-op would have cared if I had said to start without me and that I’d come when A woke up. Or maybe I gave in because of the disappointment I knew I’d be causing the boys if we missed. At any rate…

1:33 Wake A and go to co-op. Late.

3:05 Leave co-op and head to Oakbrook to drop off tax forms.

4:30 Back home. Switch a load of laundry. Get a frozen pizza from the freezer. Food is a total fail today.

Assist and direct children in clearing off and setting table.

My brother arrives to hang out and eat with us. I unload the dishwasher as the kids finish up the table. This is the best part of the day so far. Feels relaxed. I’ve finished what was weighing on me for the day, so I don’t feel frantic anymore. (Though, in retrospect, it was only ‘drop off tax forms’ that was out of the ordinary. Doesn’t take much to overwhelm this chick!) Plus I really enjoy my brother’s company.

5:00 Eat. I require a full serving of vegetables before anyone eats pizza to try to make myself feel better about the menu today.

5:40 Kids are full and want to go outside and find worms. (It’s been raining lots, and Uncle told them that’s when all the worms come up closer to the surface.) I figure I’ll probably regret it, but tell them all to go ahead.

5:55 My brother leaves. Call worm diggers in. J has 5 and must keep them. I get him a glass jar because I think it’s adorable. I don’t regret sending them out.

Kids get pajamas on.

6:04 Bible time. We usually do this with school and chores, but if you remember, I was in a race that made no sense. Here’s what Bible time looks like these days: we read a passage from the Bible, if anyone has questions or comments we talk about it, then we journal or read quietly for 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes, we all have an opportunity to share if we want. After that, we pray together, and we’re done. Here’s some sharing from today…

A, while holding up her journal to show what she had “written”, says, “In Alaska, Jesus was born. And then God said, ‘I want raisins for going potty.’ Jesus is changing all of us. We’re all having raisins. And then, Jesus were born. And then, Jesus goes zoom past. And then, Jesus goes upside down.”

J shares from his prayer journal about a bug named Mama. Also, a car and a car race track. As the sharing often has zero to do with spending time with God, I attempt to guide the conversation by asking, “Were you able to spend any time praying?”, to which he says, “Yes, lots!” I ask if there’s anything he wants to share about that time and he says, “I prayed that my [stuffed] animals would all fall asleep at the same time and wake up youngest to oldest.” He prays for this a lot. The wake-up order changes.

O shares about a race track that he drew. He also shares about a “help the turtle get home” game. The words are supposed to be blinking and the way the turtle is made to move is by pressing on the sides of the pages. He has essentially turned his prayer journal into a video game. I ask him the same prayer question and he says he did have a chance to pray, but he does not care to share anything about it because “most of the things are special to me and God.”

6:41 Teeth brushing. No one requests baking soda.

6:49 Head to the glider to put A down.

Before going to rock A, I tell the boys I’ll read one chapter to them, from any of the books we’re reading, after I put A down, but if they’ll pick up the living room while I’m gone, I’ll read two. They love their chapter books; I can hope.

7:11 Read to boys. One chapter. It was worth a try.

7:27 Send both boys to their beds.

Pray and snuggle with J. Also a “pretend story”, as he calls them. He loves it when I make up stories about him where he’s a knight and he fights dragons. I don’t mind it except that’s it’s harder than you might think to keep coming up with new material.

7:50 Pray, talk, and snuggle with O.

8:13 Switch the last load of laundry for the day and put dinner away.

8:30 Ignore Mount Laundry and the foothills of dishes and sit down to make my day in the life notes into real words and sentences.

9:30 I can’t believe I just spent an hour typing out my day! This one came out long.

I’ll scowl about the dishes not having been done the day before in the morning, but I’ll get over it. I’m going to bed! đŸ™‚

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One Response to A Day in the Life ~ April 2013

  1. Jen says:

    I think I smiled the whole time I read this….probably because it normalized parts of my own experience (always a comforting thing!), partly because the way you write allows me to feel like I’m there and can see and hear your too-cool-for-words-outrageously-fantastic-amazing kiddos (love them!), and most assuredly, because your ability to make light of your met/unmet expectations provides a comical and refreshing picture of grace. And that’s just plain beautiful and essential, no matter the day…or hour…or minute.

    Eli was just praising the tooth-cleaning power of baking soda. I have a feeling we now know who taught him?

    Love the way you guys have incorporated chores into the fabric of life. I’m taking notes.

    Keep writing. Please? (:

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