2013 Book Thoughts–> “Craniosacral Therapy” by John E. Upledger

This type of therapy was recommended to me by a friend. I was not sure I was comfortable with it, so she offered this book to help me get a better understanding of it. The book was very interesting and was a quick read. After reading the first chapter, which was mostly about the process of finding and confirming the existence of the CranioSacral system and the healing possible by working with it, I felt very comfortable with what the therapy seemed to be. It was also very exciting to read about the success they’ve had helping many people. Starting in the second chapter, however, he starts to describe the parts of this kind of healing that I’m more uncomfortable with. He explains energy cysts, a person’s inner physician, therapeutic imagery, and more. He asserts that a disbelief in the process by either the patient or the practitioner can “block” the healing that would otherwise come. He also states that in order to communicate with the inner physician (who he believes is the “entity” that has the information required to heal): “The therapist’s belief system must be suspended.” Therapeutic imagery can be used to heal emotional wounds. One of the processes described sounded like an alternative to biblical forgiveness: a releasing of negative emotions towards someone else for a wrong done.

Let me first say that my problem is not with believing, or trusting, something I don’t understand. I do not understand everything, and I do not need to. The problem is my firm belief that there is no neutral energy. There is a kingdom of good and a kingdom of evil. If power is being accessed, it is coming from one of these two places; and if an “entity” is being conversed with, then it belongs to one of these places. So what if a practitioner were to call on God? Say, a Christian practitioner? I don’t know. I don’t immediately see how the two could be compatible when one is required to suspend one’s belief system. But I am not saying it isn’t possible. However, with my current understanding or this type of therapy and of what God requires of me, I do not feel confident enough that healing of this type would be God-honoring to pursue it.

I would be comfortable using the medical suggestions for how to optimize the craniosacral system, however, and I did even try a few of the suggestions.

My final note is that several mature Christians that I admire very much are comfortable with this type of therapy, and I have benefitted from a few conversations with them. And we all continue to work out our salvation with fear and trembling.

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