2013 Book Thoughts–> “What’s Eating Your Child?” by Kelly Dorfman

This book was very interesting and informing. One of my children has some attention concerns and some GI issues that are very frustrating to him. I have long heard that diet can have an affect on attention, and obviously I’d look to food first for any GI issues. Most of what I’d read or heard was along the lines of “cut out soda” for attention improvement, but my children have never tasted soda (that I know of, anyway). I saw this book recommended on a few real food blogs I like, so I was hopeful that the book had more to offer than “don’t let your children have Dunkin Donuts every morning for breakfast”. And thankfully it did. I’ve tried modifying diets around the house a few times since having completed the book, but sadly haven’t found any link. My 6-year-son willingly gave up all dairy products for 2 weeks in the hope of it helping with GI stuff. The case studies in the book, surely her most dramatic cases, were much worse than anything we’ve had to deal with, and that provided something to be grateful for. So the search continues for us, but I’d recommend the book. It’s always good to understand and/or be reminded of much food affects us physically, emotionally, and otherwise.

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