2013 Reading with the Kids

Following is a list of books we read with the kids in 2013 and before.

It didn’t occur to me to keep track of these until several months ago, when we’d obviously been reading for years, so I feel very confident that I’ve missed some. However, I love the thought of keeping the list to look back on, so here’s everything I can remember up until now. I’d love to write a little something about each book and create some links, but I just don’t have the time right now. I may come back to this. For now, I’ve put an asterisk next to the books that both the children and I would recommend. Some that aren’t starred the children didn’t enjoy very much, and some I didn’t care for. If anyone who happens upon this list is curious why I did or didn’t recommend any of the books, or needs more info on any if the books (I don’t even have authors on all of them, I know!), feel free to ask! Talking about books is *high* on my list of things I enjoy doing!

*Swiss Family Robinson, Children’s Adaptation (2X)

*The Wright Brothers landmark book (2X)

The Wheel on the School

*The Little House series

The Boxcar Children #1-17 (There are many more than 17. That’s just where we stopped. I’d recommend the first several only. Maybe the first 4-5. Not beyond that.)

*Paddington Bear

*Winnie the Pooh

*Stuart Little

*Charlotte’s Web (2X)

*The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (I can’t not recommend this book, but I read it to them way too young. I think J was 3.)

*Stone Fox (2X)

Imagination Station 1: Voyage of the Vikings

Imagination Station 2: Attack at the Arena

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle

*The Littles

The Borrowers

*The House at Pooh Corner

*Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

*Wind in the Willows

Treasure Island, Children’s Adaptation

*My Side of the Mountain

*A collection of Beatrix Potter books

*Cricket in Times Square

*Cheaper by the Dozen

*Daniel Boone by Augusta Stevenson

* The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi

*Trumpet of the Swans

*Paddington Abroad

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