2013 Book Thoughts –> “Idol Lies” by Dee Brestin

This book, in content, reminded me very much of Timothy Keller’s “Counterfeit Gods”. This is not surprising, because she talks in the book about how Timothy Keller’s sermons were especially influential, as “they got to the heart of the problem.” She even says (although I don’t remember if she said it in the book or the accompanying videos) that when she met Keller, she told him that she’d listened to a sermon of his every night for 7 years. When he responded, “Do I have that many?”, she said, “Yes, but you’re running out, so you better get to work.”

Portions of the book are written in narrative style, using examples in her and others’ lives. The whole book doesn’t follow one story, rather she takes us along on shorter stories when trying to illustrate certain points. Her narrative style is similar to Ann Voskamp, although not quite as beautiful and poetic.

“Counterfeit Lies” is on my must-read-again list, but I think this one may actually replace it. Or maybe I’ll switch off? Brestin’s book does seem to be marketed to women specifically. Although I would say that anyone, regardless of gender, could glean much from it, this book does seem to tailor Keller’s heart-idol teaching to women. And since I am obviously a woman, I think her adaptation (if I may call it that) was even more helpful than Keller’s book.

I’ll invite you to read my thoughts on “Counterfeit Gods” for some thoughts on content rather than repeating them. And I’ll end by saying I’d easily recommend this one!

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