A Day in the Life ~ May 2014

4: 00 O wakes up. He probably won’t go back to sleep. Thankfully he doesn’t do this terribly often, but it’s often enough that I know there’s a serious risk he’s up for the day.

6:00 My alarm goes off. I’ve been half-sleeping for the last 2 hours, because O never went back to sleep, and his version of lying still and trying to go back to sleep reminds me of a fish out of water. When he gets up that early, he has to stay in my room or he’ll “accidentally” wake the other two, so I semi-slept with him right next to me.

I’m exhausted, so I snooze twice.

6:30 Drag myself to the bathroom and put on workout clothes. There’s a whole bunch of floss unraveled on the floor in the bathroom. I don’t recall seeing it last night before bed, which means someone got up in the night to make a mess? Or maybe someone who was up at 4 made a bathroom stop…

Work out. I hurt my back a few days ago, and it was feeling a lot better, but all the jumping in this particular workout is not feeling so good. 😦

The other two got up at some point while I worked out. Boys mostly did Legos and held them in my face while I worked out. Girl mostly whined about how hungry she was.

7:07 Make some pancake batter and peel some oranges. Hubby gets home for his breakfast break. He finds the floss and demands answers. I was just going to let it go. In the name of picking my battles, you know. I should’ve picked it up if that was my plan. But now… no one has done it, someone is lying, and it’s an issue. This is probably the biggest issue in our home right now. The lying. No one will confess to anything that happens around here. The hubby and I go round and round about if they all get consequences, and if that’s fair, or no one gets consequences, but then they’ll never learn… I don’t feel like we’ve ever resolved the conversation. I’m not sure why… maybe we fall asleep? At any rate, one of them has confessed this time and must go get money from his allowance to pay for the wasted floss. The hubby and I agree to talk about the lying stuff tonight.

7:28 Tom fries up the pancakes while I go take a shower. It just occurred to me yesterday to ask him if he’d mind helping make breakfast since he has such a long break. He said sure. Why didn’t I think of this sooner?!

After showering, I get dressed, do my hair, print out the kids’ daily sheets, and open all the windows. We’re headed for 79 today. I’m thrilled. It’s been up over 90 and even as high as 95 already. I’m not ready for another OK summer!!

The kids’ daily sheets list all their chores and lessons for the day. Seeing it altogether cuts down on having to answer “Are we done??” after every lesson and every chore. They also really seem to benefit from being able to choose in which order they complete everything expected of them.

8:06 Head back to the kitchen and scramble eggs for the kids, make an omelet for the grownups, and load the dishwasher.

The hubby and I talk while I work. His schedule has changed a bunch of times since we’ve been here, and there’s good and bad about each schedule, but I love the extra talk time around meals that we get with this one.

8:30 Kids start their breakfast. We usually all wait and sit together, but it’s getting really late, so they start.

8:37 Grownups join in the eating. All the children’s eggs are in a bed of syrup. This would be one reason they don’t usually start without us…

8:48 The hubbyleaves to go back to work.

8:55 O’s done and is outside practicing on his stilts. Once J and A realize he’s outside, they’re suddenly full and headed for the door. I call everyone back in to clear the table.

9:01 After breakfast is family worship time. They’re all outside again, so I just go with it and head outside. We just finished Job, so today instead of reading from the bible, we just review by taking turns narrating the whole story of Job. The we pray. The kids praised God for popcorn. Then they thanked God for popcorn. Then they prayed that we would have popcorn today. (This isn’t the first time they’ve done that. You’d think I lace my popcorn with cocaine. I don’t know what it is.) Then we sing 2 praise songs.

9:15 We head off to walk around the block. I’ve been trying to do this to start our day lately, rather than just dive right into lessons. I tend to rush more than I need to, in many things, and this seems to help me start the day off in a more unhurried manner. And I listen to my children better when I’m not in the house, where I feel the constant pressure of dishes-and-laundry-and-cooking-and-cleaning-and-lessons. So it also seems to help set the tone of me being more attentive to my children. And my children love all things outside, so the walks make them very happy.

Today, O decides he’ll be walking on stilts. I remind him that I won’t be carrying his stilts if [when] he changes his mind partway through the walk.

Before the first turn, he tires of the stilts and asks if I’ll carry them. I say no.

When we reach the back of our house, halfway through the walk, he dumps them in the backyard. Now he keeps running in front if his sister and stopping and telling her she has to say the password to get by. He tells her the password is a kiss. He keeps doing it over and over, and she loves it. Then he starts making silly poses when he stops, but she still has to kiss him to get by. These are the moments I never, ever want to forget.

9:40 Back from our walk. It’s really nice out and not overly-windy, so we bring lesson stuff outside.

After we’re all set up, J and O each do their memory drills, while whoever isn’t drilling rides bikes and scooters up and down the block.

10:15 Get some snacks and math books. J’s first. We have a tradition of going out for ice cream at the end of each math workbook. Their workbooks are designed to last a semester, but our kids finish at different times throughout the year, because we work on math for a set amount of time each day, not a specified number of exercises. J is close to the end, so he asks if he can do extra. He makes it 32 minutes before he says he’s done! (We do 10 minutes a day.)

10:51 O’s math.

11:03 Clean up outside, distribute lists, charge lunch jobs, and start macaroni and cheese. Lunch jobs include washing hands, setting the table, passing out vitamins, emptying the dishwasher, and bringing the bible to the table.

Somewhere in there J did his journal page. He’s got a lot of initiative. I’m not even sure I realized how much until I started with those daily sheets.

The hubby comes home. I’m done making lunch, and I’m trying to strain some chicken broth I had going overnight, but it’s really hard with no clean dishes. I did that load this morning, but I still have countertops full! Mondays are always the worst, because I don’t do dishes on Sunday.

11:38 Serve macaroni and cheese to the hubby and the kids, and go back to make a salad for myself. Do you what I’d give to have the metabolism I had 10 years ago…?

11:52 Eat my salad. Everyone else is pretty much done. I wish this was a rare occurrence.

12:01 The hubby goes upstairs to put A down for her nap. This is the other awesome thing about his long meal breaks. He can usually put A down for her nap. And she goes down *way* better for him than me!

Send boys to clean their bathrooms. This just means emptying the garbages and wiping off anything they may have… ahem… “left” on the toilets by accident.

12:06 I’m done with my salad, and I start in on the dishes. J’s working on word searches. O is cleaning the toilet, but it sounds suspiciously like playing with Legos…

After close to an hour of dishes, I’m done, and I can finish up the chicken broth.

12:58 Start bread and a load of laundry. I realize the lunch table was never cleared, but the boys have been playing out back since dishes, and A is sleeping, so I just clear it myself. Then I grab the boys’ readers and head out back.

1:19 The boys have found a branch on our tree out back thats broken but still attached securly enough that they can swing on it.

They each do their reading lesson while their brother swings. We stopped during O’s reading lesson to look up L in Roman numerals so he knows what lesson he’s on. I knew X and I, but I’d forgotten L.

1:47 A’s up.

1:49 Reading lessons done. All three are playing out back. I go get my bible and prayer journal and a deck chair and bring them all out back. My preference is to do this alone in the morning, but I snoozed too much.

The boys are inspecting the exterior corner of the garage and the girl is hammering the back porch with a bubble wand. The weather could not be better.

On one of the boys’ trips by me, I can’t keep my curiosity contained anymore and ask whats so intesting out by the garage. The quick, matter-of-fact answer as he continues walking: “Just looking for skeletons.”

2:24 Bring my stuff in and call kids in. Set them back to work on their lists. Transfer bread to a pan to rise, switch loads of laundry, sweep the living room and dining room.
Write out the boys’ copywork.

Boys’ do their copywork, O does his journal page, and each of them reads a book to A.

While they read, I wipe down the table and make a shopping list. (I realized at some point today that I am missing a key ingredient for the meal I had planned for tonight. And key ingredients for the next several as well, so I can’t swap out.)

3:01 Leave for the grocery store.

3:40 Upon returning, J asks me if I realize that our tortoise is still in the bath [the bathroom sink]. He was out back with us and got put in the bath when we came in. And then… uh… totally forgotten about. I am *not* a good pet owner.

O was handsy at the grocery store, so he gets to put away my groceries.

I switch loads, move bread to the bread pan, start pizza dough, and shred the cheese for the pizza.

I dry off the tortoise, then he pees on me while I’m walking him back to his box. Clean up the floor. Clean up myself. Disinfect the sink.

3:50 A heads back outside.

4:05 J brings me a completed list to check and then heads outside also.

I do another load of dishes. Is this 3 loads?? Plus 45 minutes handwashing??

4:24 O’s list is done and he’s out with the rest. I scrub the stove and try to prep the veggies for dinner. I am determined to begin eating at the same time as my family for dinner!!

4:44 I pull out the ground turkey and realize I am out of Italian sausage seasoning. These moments are so frustrating. I already knew I was out of salad dressing and needed to make that. Now I need to make Italian sausage seasoning. I’ve already promised some children that the pizza would have sausage, or I’d put that turkey right back in the fridge! There are certain things I make from scratch for cost and/or clean ingredient reasons, and overall I don’t feel like it’s too much, but there are days………

5:00 Sausage done, pizza crust done. I start portioning it out into three like I usually do (everyone likes thin crust) when I realize I stand little chance of eating with the family again. SO… One big thick crust pizza it is!

5:15 Tom gets home, the pizza is in, we sit to eat. All of us. 🙂 The thicker crust was underdone, but it was worth it.

6:11 Dinner done, table cleared. I head up to give A a bath. Boys work on jammas and teeth and flossing.

6:44 Everone’s ready for bed. The hubby reads from Swiss Family Robinson. He just started it last night. I’m so excited. We’ve read the kids an abridged version twice and they love it. We’ve been wanting to start the real one for a long time!

7:20 Finished reading and prayers. Make rounds in the rooms for songs and snuggles.

7:34 Dishes. Seriously.

Mend Tom’s uniform shirt, make an alteration to his uniform cap, and make pasta salad for lunch tomorrow.

8:47 Watch a YouTube video the hubby found on how to texexturize hair. My sweet daughter decided she no longer wanted bangs and took the scissors to them a few weeks ago. I let them grow a little, then tried to even them up, and they look… bad. I asked a long distance hair stylist friend for advice, and she suggested texturizing. I haven’t a clue what that is, so here we are, consulting YouTube on the issue.

9:00 Make a math terms worksheet (we need extra practice on that), add phone numbers to our memorization cards, and dictate some word problem templates to the hubby. We need practice there, too, and he types faster than I do.

9:25 I don’t have energy left to read tonight. I’ll fall asleep praying my son does not wake before 6 tomorrow!

And I realize as I type this out, we forgot to talk about the lying… . We’ll talk tomorrow. 🙂

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